St Paul’s Walden Bury, Hertfordshire

Includes entry to house & garden

Wednesday 6th May - Depart: 11am / Return: 4pm - Approx journey time: 30m


St Paul's Walden Bury is a Grade 1 listed 18th century garden which has kept the original concept of a formal woodland garden, with temples, statues and ponds. One of the features of the garden is that the visitor frequently comes upon a surprise, with unexpected views of temples and statues, hidden glades and a secluded terraced theatre. Our visit will include a guided tour of the house and gardens.

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Kathy Brown’s Gardens, Stevington, Bedfordshire

Includes entry

Wednesday 29th July - Depart: 12 noon / Return: 5pm - Approx journey time: 1 hour


This 4.5 acre garden is the creation of garden and cookery writer Kathy Brown. It began in 1991 as a cottage style garden but new areas have been added over the years including an ornamental grass parterre winter garden, edible flower garden and wildflower meadow. Kathy will give our group a personal tour and, after tea, we’ll head home.

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Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

Includes entry to house

Thursday 13th August - Depart: 10.30am / Return: 4.30pm - Approx journey time: 1 hour


Bletchley Park is a place of exceptional historical importance, being the home of British codebreaking and the birthplace of modern information technology. It played a major role in World War Two, producing secret intelligence which had a direct and profound influence on the outcome of the conflict. Over the past twenty years Bletchley Park has become an internationally renowned heritage attraction. There are various exhibitions on at Bletchley that are interesting and informative.

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Saffron Walden, Essex

Tuesday 13th October - Depart: 10.30am / Return: 4.30pm - Approx journey time: 1 hour


Saffron Walden is a delightful historic market town in Essex which has a rich heritage of mediaeval architecture including St Mary’s Church, the largest and one of the most beautiful parish churches in Essex. On the north side of town is Bridge End Garden, a newly restored Victorian garden of great charm, which contains a wonderful yew hedge maze and sunken Dutch Garden. We’ll enjoy Saffron Walden’s market day, which has been held there since 1141, and aside from a variety of market stalls, there are also many independent shops to browse and eating places to choose from.

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Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

Includes entry

Sunday 25th October - Depart: 10.30am / Return: 4.30pm - Approx journey time: 1 hour


£33 for EH Members

We’ll take a stroll through three centuries of landscape design at Wrest Park. The layout of wooded walks and canals, centred on the architectural highlight of the pavilion, was designed by Thomas Archer in 1709-11. Later, garden buildings such as the Bath house and the Chinese Pavilion, were added. The Orangery, Italian Garden and Parterre with magnificent lead statues date from the 1830s.

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